In years past WIA has held the Firm of the Year award to highlight and celebrate local firms who are leaders in inclusive and equitable work environments.  

This year WIA SLC would like to shift the recipient of the award from the firms, to the individuals, with the introduction of the following two awards:

WIA Architect of the Year Award to celebrate the female working architect who has led (or is leading) an exemplary project through design and/or project management.

WIA Leader of the Year Award honors a woman who has been a leader in demonstrating the core goals of WIA SLC by supporting the community, mentoring or advocating for a more inclusive and equitable profession.

We will be presenting these awards at the Partini, held August 23, 2019. Please fill out the nomination forms by August 20, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

Nominations can be submitted by filling out the form(s) below.


WIA Architect of the Year Nomination Form

Architect of the Year is focused on current work, in progress, or completed within the last two years. Women nominated for this award should have a prominent role, either through design or project management, in a transformative architectural project in Utah.

Nominee Name *
Nominee Name
Submit a statement (a paragraph up to 300 words) identifying why this person is being nominated for Architect of the Year.
Submit a description of the transformative project (up to 200 words).
Submit a description of her role in this project (up to 200 words).
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WIA Leader of the Year Nomination Form

Leader of the Year is focused on women that are progressing the architectural profession through a focus on mentorship, community engagement and/or advocacy.

Nominee Name *
Nominee Name
Submit a statement (a paragraph up to 300 words) identifying why this person is being nominated for Leader of the Year.
Submit a description of key efforts that she has led to progress the profession (up to 200 words). These may be within her firm, within the community or other, as appropriate.
Submit a description of outcomes that demonstrate the success of these efforts (up to 200 words).
Your Name *
Your Name

Partini - Past and Present

Every year the WIA hosts a celebratory event that is not to be missed - the Partini. At this event you are surrounded by people, food, drinks, music, laughter and excitement as architectural firm awards and “lotteries” to pay for NCARB licensing exams are handed out to eager female architectural interns.

Outside of mingling, eating and drinking there are various activities highlighting local talent which are guaranteed to help pass the time as you wait for the drink line to die down.

Located in spaces that highlight various neighborhoods in Salt Lake (Publik, Church & State, Pierpont Place, etc.) this year the event will be hosted in the historic Commercial Club building downtown at The Wave - Salt Lake’s brand new coworking space focused on serving women.

In lieu of firm of the year awards this year we will be handing out an architect of the year award to honor an architect who exemplifies the WIA’s mission and goals. Make sure to submit your nominations to us!

Be sure to keep your calendars open for this year’s Partini as it promises not to disappoint.

2018 Partini - Church & State

2018 Partini - Church & State


2018’s Partini hosted at Church & State featured food from Spice Kitchen, boozy cupcakes and a packed headshot booth. Over a dozen NCARB lotteries were handed out to excited recipients as well as awards for the firm of the year both large (GSBS Architects) and small (Lloyd Architects).

2016 Partini - Publik Coffee

2016 Partini - Publik Coffee


2015’s Partini at Publik Coffee boasted a live band, presentations on varying feminist movements as well as the beloved NCARB lottery where 6 winners were announced. The Bedouin Booth - a WIA sponsored design competition in association with the Spice Kitchen - was also present.